Top 10 Best Chain Lube For Bikes in India

Here we have the Top 10 Best Chain Lube For Bikes in India.

Are you in the market for a new chain lube? There are many choices on the market, but each one is different and will work better depending on your environment. It’s important to know what kind of bike you have before purchasing any type of oil or lube.

Do you know the best chain lube for bikes in India?

The answer to this question is going to depend on what type of bike you have. For example, if your bike has a full-time wet clutch or a dry clutch with an oil bath then it would be better for you to use grease instead of some lubricant like WD-40.

Why use Chain Lube For Your Bike

  1. Chain Lube is a lubricant that helps to keep your bike running smoothly
  2. It can also help you avoid costly repairs, such as replacing the chain and sprockets
  3. Chains are made of metal, which means they will wear out over time
  4. Using lube on your chains can help them last longer and work better for you overall
  5. You’ll be able to ride faster and more efficiently with properly lubricated chains
  6. The best way to use lube is by applying it before every ride – this will ensure that everything stays in good condition.

Motul C1 and C2 Combo

One of the most famous Chail Lube combo in India.

Lubricant for road motorcycle chains. Applicable for all types of chains: standard and with O-ring, X-ring and Z-ring. Especially recommended for very fast motorcycles. Adhere to the chain even at high speeds. Contains a solvent to eliminate old residue and to penetrate into the links.

  • FEATURES: Eliminates fling off and seals lubricant to chain. Excellent rust protection, For all types of chains, Light amber color
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL BIKES: Kangaroo Motorcycle Chain Lube is compatible for use with all motorcycle chains
  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION: Kangaroo Lube is designed to hold up to the extreme pressures applied to a motorbike drivetrain and has superior penetrative qualities to ensure maximum protection
  • PREMIUM LUBRICATION: Kangaroo Motorcycle Chain Lube is a premium synthetic formulation that ensures first-class performance and creates a durable, protective layer
  • MAXIMISE HORSEPOWER: Additives work to maximise horsepower and help to prolong the life of your bikes? components.
  • Conditions and protects rubber O rings on heavy duty chains
  • Superb penetration into chain linkages and roller parts
  • Protects chain from rust and corrosion
  • Does not attract dirt on chians
  • Reduces friction, wear and tear of chain linkages

GLOSIL Chain Lube Spray is developed by keeping in mind all diverse conditions and environments that chains get exposed to. This highly adhesive, uniquely formulated liquid provides long-lasting lubrication against rust and corrosion.

Features extremely adhesive does not get thrown off at high speeds. Resistant to water gives excellent protection against corrosion. High resistant polymer and multi-utility lube spray.

Besides changing engine oil, lubricating and cleaning the chain also form one of the first forays into smooth bike riding. With this chain lube by Shell, the task gets all the easier. This provides great lubrication to the motorbike chain thereby reducing the stress on the engine and ensuring a smooth experience on the road. Besides, using chain lube also increases the lifetime of the chain.

White, full synthetic special grease. For optimal lubrication through visible application on the chain. Cold, heat and spray resistant. Very good adhesion and wear protection. Reduces chain elongation and extends the service life of the chain. Good creeping properties and good corrosion protection. The 50 ml can can be refilled with the 400 ml can. We recommend cleaning the chain with motorbike chain and brake cleaner (part no. 1602) before use.

This solvent carrier gets evaporated and leaves behind an adhesive lubricating film, which provides protection from moisture, dust and corrosive environment.

Castrol chain lube racing reduces chain elongation and keeps the chain protected from wear and corrosion, increasing the useful life of the bike chain It is suitable in standard X and O ring chains Castrol chain lube racing is developed and tested for high performance and its applications have special anti-wear technology that reduces sprocket wear offers superior protection from corrosion reduces instances of chain elongation Castrol chain lube racing is a spray lubricant once the lubricant is applied, wait for 10 to 20 mins before using the bike, to allow solvent to evaporate before using the product.


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