Top 7 Knee & Elbow Guard for Bikers in India

Here we have Top 7 Knee & Elbow Guard for Bikers in India.

There are many knee guard available in the market, but it’s very hard to find best one.

We have researched different knee guards and found out that there is no perfect choice for bikers. So we decided to make a list of the top 10 best knee guards for bikers in India which will help you choose the right product for yourself.

Here is our list of the top 10 best knee guards for bikers in India which will help you choose the right product for yourself.

The best knee guard for bikers in India is a safety device that protects the rider’s knees when they fall. A good knee guard will help to prevent abrasions, bruises and swelling from occurring. It also helps protect the patella, which can be injured if it hits the pavement or ground directly.

  1. Knee guards are a great way to protect your knees from injury
  2. They can be used for many different sports, such as running, biking, and skiing
  3. Knee guards come in all shapes and sizes – you’ll need to find the right size for your body type
  4. There are many different types of knee pads available on the market today – choose one that suits your needs best!
  5. You should wear knee pads when playing any sport or activity where you might fall down or slide on the ground
  6. If you’re not sure what size is best for you, ask an expert at a sporting goods store which size will work best with your body type

AllExtreme Alloy Steel Elbow Guard and Knee Guard

₹ 1,045.00
AllExtreme Knee Shin Guards Adult Upgraded Alloy Steel Knee Pads Protector Flexible Breathable Adjustable Elbow Armour for Motorcycle Motocross Racing Mountain Bike, One Size Fits Most, 4 Pieces By Komodo. 

We all know that protecting your knees and shins when riding a motorcycle is important.

Unfortunately, most knee guards are made of cheap plastic or thin foam padding. They don’t offer enough protection to be worth the money you spend on them. And they’re also uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Komodo’s AllExtreme Alloy Steel Elbow Guard and Knee Guard provides the best protection around with high-quality steel plates moulded into a comfortable neoprene sleeve for maximum comfort while still providing excellent impact resistance from crashes or hard landings on your bike.

This elbow guard is designed using a 4mm thick alloy steel plate, which can protect against serious injuries caused by falling off a motorcycle in rough terrain conditions such as gravel road, rocky mountainside etc., keeping riders safe and sound even during extreme situations! The knee guard uses a 1mm thick alloy steel plate, it can provide great shock absorption function so that riders won’t feel any.

Scoyco Motorcycle Bike Racing Riding Knee & Elbow Guard

₹ 2,149.00
Knee/shin centre areas are raised for protection while side plastic is softer for a custom fit.

Scoyco Motorcycle Bike Racing Riding Knee & Elbow Guard

We all know that motorcycle riding is a thrill, but it can also be dangerous. If you want to ride without risking injury, you need protective gear.

This knee and elbow guard will shield your knees and elbows from the impact of falls or accidents while still allowing for complete range of motion so you don’t feel restricted in any way. This product has been tested by professional racers who have given us feedback on how to make it even better! You’ll love this protection gear as much as we do!.

Autofy Pro-Biker Alloy Steel Elbow Guard Knee Guard

₹ 1,594.00
Tough steel build- made to stand heavy impacts and crashes. The steel cups are mounted on an abs plastic cast with a supreme finish.

Problem: I can’t afford new gear every time i go riding and it gets damaged.

This elbow guard is made of steel, so you know it’s going to be tough enough to protect your elbows from crashing into the ground. The hard plates are mounted on an ABS plastic cast with a supreme finish that will not scratch or crack after dropping them several times like other brands do.

It has vents on the backside for maximum ventilation and comfortability without getting sweaty legs after rides. This product is versatile and multi-purpose – ideal for protecting elbows during biking/motorcycling, Mtb, skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding football volleyball paintball dodge ball tactical hockey weight lifting workout cross-fit skating kickboxing martial arts jujitsu hunting more!

Get this elbow guard right now before your next ride! No more worrying about your expensive gear getting destroyed by crashes because these guards are built to last!

Elbow and knee pads are uncomfortable, bulky and restricts movement.

O’Neal Pro-X Riding Knee and Elbow Guard for Motorcycle and Bike Racing are designed to be comfortable while still providing maximum protection. The contoured design fits the body’s natural shape for a comfortable fit without compromising on safety or performance.

The lightweight construction makes it easy to wear all day long while enjoying your favourite sports activities like biking, motocross racing etc…
O’Neal Pro-X Riding Knee and Elbow Guard were developed by professional riders who know the importance of protecting themselves from injuries during extreme sports activities such as bike riding, dirt biking, motocross racing etc…

O’Neal Pro X elbow guards have been tested in many different crash conditions with very good results because they offer excellent impact absorption which means that you can use them even when crashing at high speeds. They will protect you against abrasions caused by contact with rocks.

ASPIDA Bionic External Knee Guards

Rs. 3,675.00
Genuine CE EN1621-1 rated external knee guards from Aspida.


* Price is for a pair of kneeguard. 

Knee guards are uncomfortable, bulky and interfere with the riding experience.

Most knee guards on the market today use hard plastic or metal to protect your knees from impact. These materials can be heavy, uncomfortable and make it difficult to ride in certain positions.

ASPIDA Bionic External Knee Guards feature an innovative design using LEXAN® material which is a lightweight and durable polycarbonate that disperses point impacts across the surface area instead of concentrating it into one small spot like most other materials do.

This makes for a more comfortable fit while providing superior protection against injuries caused by impact when you fall off your bike or scooter.

ASPIDA Perseus Internal Knee Guards

Rs. 2,725.0
The ultimate in discreet kneeguards. These worn under the pants guards boast CE rated.


Having a knee injury is the worst. It can be difficult to get back into training, especially when it comes to running or cycling.

Knee injuries are common among athletes and if you’re not careful, they could sideline your fitness goals for weeks or months.

ASPIDA Perseus Internal Knee Guards offer superior protection against impact and abrasion without hindering mobility or comfortability while worn under your pants. The silicone treated elastic bands prevent slippage throughout the day so you can focus on getting fit again instead of worrying about whether these knee guards will stay in place during a hard workout session.

They also feature an armour sheath made from breathable fabrics that wick moisture away from your skin so you don’t feel sweaty or uncomfortable all day long! These internal knee guards are extremely comfortable – some users even forget they have them on! And because they’re lightweight and unobtrusive, many people wear these knee protectors while working out.

* The price is for a pair of kneeguard. 

Knee pads are an essential piece of kit for skateboarders, BMX riders and scooterists.

Rynox BASTION BIONIC KNEE GUARDS provide supreme impact protection, superior coverage and a hard shell slider to help with slides.

The Rynox BASTION knee pad is CE certified to standard EN1621-1 (knee & shin) providing the highest level of impact protection available on the market today. It also features a dual-axis pivoting design that syncs with your natural movement while riding your board or bike. This anatomically correct design helps you move freely without restriction as it conforms perfectly to your body shape so you can enjoy every moment whether you’re commuting or shredding in style!


  • CE Certified Impact Protection: Entire knee guard CE certified to standard EN1621-1:2012 (knee and shin)
  • Superior Coverage: Comprehensive coverage for knee-cap, sides and shin
  • Hard Shell Slider: Polypropylene shell with a smooth friction-free finish, designed to assist in slides

Bionic Design

  • Dual Axis Knee Cap: Anatomically correct, two-axis pivoting design. Syncs with the natural movement of the knee.
  • Asymmetric Design: Asymmetric left and right sides; developed to conform perfectly


  • Versatile Applications: Developed for use over or under riding pants. Can be worn with tall ADV or motocross boots.
  • Easy On. Easy Off.: Super easy to wear and remove on the go. Set-it-and-forget-it girth adjustment.


  • Pivots Shells: Anti-scratch pivot shells to avoid scratches on the tank
  • Counterbored Screw Rivets: Screw rivets with soft rounded heads bored into the pivot shells to avoid scratches on the tank
  • 3D Molded HD Foam Backing: Provides ventilation. Facilitates secure and personalised fit. Further assists in impact protection.
  • Sweat Wicking: Contact liner designed to absorb sweat away from the body
  • Easy to Wash: HD foam backing semi-detaches from the shell. Makes it super easy to rinse and dry.


I hope you liked and choose the best knee and Elbow guard for bikers in India. If you have any queries or if there is a particular product that interests you, please let me know through your comments below. You can also share this post with others who might find it helpful. Thank you!

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