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Here are the Top 8 Best Motorcycle Riding Boots in India.

Riding boots are one of the most important items that a rider needs to invest in. The perfect riding boot not only provides protection but also enhances the look of your feet and legs.

There are various styles and brands available on offer, which can be confusing for bikers that know nothing about them. This blog post reviews the best brands of riding boots for biker riders in India.

Why Riding Boots Are Important?

  • Bike riding shoes are important because they protect your feet and lower legs from getting injured.
  • Bike riding boots will help you keep a good grip on the bike while you’re Riding.
  • Bike riding boots provide padding to make sure that your feet don’t get sore or blistered from being in contact with the bike for extended periods of time
  • Bike riding boots offer protection against any surface debris or water that might get kicked up during your ride
  • A lot of people wear bike-riding shoes instead, but these won’t give as much protection as a boot would
  • If you’re going to be riding often, it’s worth investing in a pair of bike-riding boots so that you can enjoy riding without worrying about safety

ORAZO Picus -VWR Bike Riding Boots

₹ 3,799.00
8” water-resistant, light reflector at the heel side, Ankle twist protection Shock absorption on the seat region (ie. heel side), Steel toe protection, Highest grade abrasion & water-resistant leather, Smooth leather finish including tongue area,

Do you want to buy a new pair of boots?

ORAZO Picus is one of the best and most affordable riding boots. The 8” water-resistant, light reflector at the heel side, Ankle twist protection, Shock absorption on the seat region (ie. heel side), Steel toe protection, Highest grade abrasion & water-resistant leather, Smooth leather finish including tongue area make these boots perfect for riding or just walking around town. Well, designed flex points make walking comfortable and high degree anti-slip dual density sole provide excellent grip in all conditions.

These are some of the highest quality boots available today! You won’t find better value anywhere else! Don’t wait – order now before they’re gone!

Click below now to purchase your own pair of ORAZO Picus VWR Bike Riding Boots!

  • 8” water-resistant,
  • Value For Money
  • Steel toe protection
  • Anti-fungal In-socks which keep your feet dry.
  • The ankle movement in these boots are somewhat restrictive,
  • It is water-resistant not waterproof.
  • Uncomfortable to wear for first few times

Black Ankle/Riding Boot

BB Rider Boots provide Superior Safety, Security, Style for your feet and ensure a comfortable ride on both the road and the track. BB Rider boots pr…

Woodland Men’s Leather Sneakers

₹1,998.00 – ₹3,995.00
Designed for the one who loves to live in the wild and explore untouched grounds this shoe with athletic outsoles will lift up your spirits even on th…

Royal Enfield touring boots (mid-rise)

₹ 6,500.00
If your adventures go from the road to the trail and even beyond, then the Royal Enfield touring boots (mid-rise) are perfect for you protective, yet ultra-comfortable, these boots are perfect to be worn while riding every day, for a long-distance tour, and everything else in between.

Royal Enfield boots are made for riders who need a tough, yet comfortable boot.

These boots are perfect for those of you who want to be able to ride every day and still feel great. They’re protective enough for long-distance tours, but also comfortable enough to wear all day while riding. You can even wear them on the trail or in the city!

The Royal Enfield touring boots (mid-rise) will keep your feet feeling happy and healthy no matter what adventure you take them on! Get yours today before they sell out!

  • Brand : Eego Italy
  • Upper Material : Leather, Lining Material : Textile, Sole Material : Rubber
  • Closure : Lace Up, Type : Safety
  • Toe Shape : Round, Ideal For Men”s
  • Premium Brand ::High Qulaity fabric::100% Assurity of fabric as mention in detail::Stylish Footwear For Men.

Bacca Bucci Flame Original 

Made in high-quality artificial fluff, Elastic wearable upper, Mild waterproof exterior, breathable material which can keep feet all-day dry meanwhile provide with great comfort.

Woodland Men’s Ogb Leather Ankle Boot

₹2,862.00 – ₹4,500.00
This summer, boots by Woodland are made of high quality. They visually highlight the craftsmanship and fine leather braid positioned at the top of the shaft.


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