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If you are a biker and looking for the best riding gloves under 1000 rupees, then this post is for you. We have done research on available options in the market and have shortlisted the top 8 gloves that will be perfect for your needs.

Riding gloves are an essential part of a biker’s gear. They protect your hands in the event that you have to bail off your bike and they provide grip for holding onto handlebars or doing other tasks on the motorcycle.

There are many different types of riding gloves, from pure leather, synthetic leather, fabric-covered or Kevlar-coated gloves designed for maximum protection in high impact crashes. Some riders like to go without them because they feel the risk is low enough to not need such heavy-duty protection.


Royal Enfield Urban Hustler

Royal Enfield introduced the Urban Hustler gloves as a high-quality option for every rider. The gloves are constructed with a mix of breathable air mesh, microsuede and stretch fabric that gives riders a comfortable fit while they are out cruising. The rubber sponge on the palm ensures riders enjoy the best grip possible, while the microsuede patch on the knuckles increases comfort when gripping the handlebars.

  • Fabric: 100% polyester air mesh; microsuede; poly stretch fabric; goat nappa conductive
  • Rubber sponge for palm reinforcement; Microsuede patch for grip (50% polyamide, 50% polyurethane) for knuckles; TPR for knuckle protection; Plastic TPR for fingers; Plastic TPR for knuckles; Plastic TPR for fingers.
  • Features: Soft, flexible and comfortable with the stretch panels Durable and solid with the TPR protection Ventilated with air mesh material for heat control Microsuede for better grip Comes with a 3mm rubber sponge for palm reinforcement Rubber strap with Velcro to keep from sliding
  • Wet a paper towel or clean cloth with mild soap Rub the gloves with the cloth gently Do not wash Do not iron Do not bleach Do not wring Do not place near any direct heat source or in the sun Dry in shade
  • Featuring well-ventilated stretch panels, 100% polyester stretch fabric, and 100% polyester air mesh for a comfortable fit. With the TPR finger and knuckle protection, your hands are protected as you handle tricky turns and curves. The microsuede patch on the palm enables solid grip, and sponge at the palm area reinforces the grip with comfort.

RD KTM Moto Biker

The ROYAL DEALS – RD KTM Moto Biker Hand Gloves for Riding Bikes is a one-of-a-kind, versatile motorcycle glove. Whether you’re going fast or slow, the gloves will be your best companion. The gloves are made of high-quality materials, with breathable and quick-drying qualities that make them perfect for an active lifestyle.

  • With its unique ergonomic design and carbon fibre hard shell protection, this is the ultimate outdoor glove, breathable, comfortable, wind-stopping, and multi-directional stretchy,
  • 3-dimensional breathable mesh fabric, enough hand protection from impact and abrasion to use as racing gloves, hiking gloves, camping gloves, power sports dirt bike gloves or work gloves, gloves for all cold weather activities: running, cycling, hiking, driving, skiing, shooting, tactical gloves, etc
  • Hand-dimensional drop resistance protective hard shell, shock-absorbing foam has a better protective effect than conventional protection, provides superior dexterity and flexibility when working or riding as motorcycle gloves, atv motocross gloves, motorbike gloves, driving gloves, motorcycle gloves or moto gloves
  • Designed to fit your hand. These finger joints are made with anti-collision protection to provide maximum joint protection.
  • In order to enhance the anti-slip function of the palm, 3D classic plastic non-slip lines were used.
  • The glove gives maximum grip and anti-slip properties to the palm.
  • KTM gloves come with a protective shell made of firm fibers that protect your full finger joints in case of an accident.

Probiker Gloves

  • Water, dirt and oil repellant
  • Pre-curved fingers fit riding style
  • Synthetic leather with durable material design
  • TPR finger armor to provide comfortable and flexible protection ; Knuckle Protection: The knuckles of these gloves are covered with a layer of unbreakable and sturdy protect

You want to ride your motorcycle, but you don’t want to wear bulky gloves that make it difficult for you to grip the handlebars and brake.

Motorcycle riding is fun, but wearing heavy leather gloves can make it awkward and uncomfortable. It’s hard to feel the throttle or brake with thick gloves on. There has got to be a better way!

The synthetic leather motorcycle bike racing riding glove solves this problem by providing protection without making your hands hot and sweaty as regular leather does. The material used in our motorcycle motorbike riding glove is breathable, lightweight and flexible so you get maximum control over your bike while feeling comfortable at the same time!


ICW Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Gloves are designed to offer protection of the hand, thumb and fingers of a motorcycle rider. They are made from PU leather material and will keep your hands warm during cold days.

But if you want full protection then get Riding Gloves under 5000


Scoyco MC29

The Scoyco MC29 Motorcycle / Auto_Racing Full Finger Leather Glove is your perfect match. They offer knuckle protection, rubberized palms for better grip, ventilation for all seasons and attractive pricing. You will find reliable performance with the Scoyco MC29 Motorcycle / Auto_Racing Full Finger Leather Gloves.


Probiker Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Pro-Biker Motorcycle Bike Racing Riding Gloves provide unbreakable knuckle protection. These gloves are also heat-resistant and tear-proof. They are made from genuine leather and designed with durable materials.


KTM Moto Biker Hand Gloves 

  • If you want to ride your bike without hassle, then you need the right biking gloves
  • Therefore, to ensure that you ride safely and without any discomfort, you can check out the KTM motocross gloves
  • The black and orange color of these gloves make them look quite stylish


These FIYA FITNESS ZONE KTM Moto Biker Synthetic Hand Gloves for Riding Bikes/Motorcycles/Cycles/Motorsports are made from synthetic fabrics and offer protection from the cold weather and harsh environment that bikes riders often need to deal with.


GoMechanic Anymal Series


I hope you found this list of the best riding gloves under 1000 rupees in India useful. If so, please share it with your friends and family who might be looking for a gift idea or want to buy some new gear for themselves. We’ve compiled all our findings into an easy-to-read format that should make shopping much easier!

I hope you liked our collection of Best Riding Gloves Under 1000 Rupees in India.

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