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In this blog post, we’ll review some of the Best Riding Gloves options currently available for under 2000 rupees.

Riding gloves are a necessity for bikers. They protect your hands from blisters, burns and windburns. There are many different types of riding gloves available in the market but finding one that is both comfortable and affordable can be difficult.

The best gloves are the ones that offer you protection. It is imperative for a biker to wear gloves while riding, but not any old glove will do! If you’re looking for something with great grip and comfort, then this post is for you.

Axor Air Stream Black Grey Gloves

Axor bike gloves have a special ergonomic design with hard shell protection, taking into account aesthetics and security.
  • CE certified to standard EN 13594: 2015
  • Made from combination of 3D mesh and clarino fabric leather.
  • Thumb / Finger touch tip for easy usage of mobile even when gloved.
  • Silicon panel at finger for better grip.
  • Velcro strap for secure and firm fit.
  • Smart tip for touch screen friendly PU knuckle protector with HD foam backing for better absorbing the impact.
  • Designed for summers / spring / autumn

If you are a motorcycle rider, it is very important for you to choose the right riding gloves.

The leather of these gloves is not thick enough and will not protect your hands from windchill and coldness.

With this kind of Motorcycle Riding Protective Gloves, you can ride your motorcycle comfortably without worrying about the cold. It has a special ergonomic design with hard shell protection which takes into account aesthetics and security. The pre-curved fingers fit riding style and the gloves are water, dirt and oil repellant. They have knuckle armour that protects them from being hurt by sharp objects when they fall down or crash their motorcycles.

Royal Enfield Trailblazer

Breathable and abrasion-resistant in the right places, the trailblazer gloves are lightweight yet tough as nails. Wear them for your daily commute or while riding on rough roads, these gloves will let you master any terrain. Touch-sensitive index fingertip: lets you easily operate touchscreen devices with the gloves on.

The Royal Enfield Trailblazer Gloves are the perfect solution for all your riding needs. They offer a snug fit and keep you comfortable while on the move.

You can ride through rough terrain without any hassle as these gloves will let you master any type of road surface.

These gloves are made using premium quality materials, which ensure maximum durability and comfort. Its palm side is made with high-density silicone that protects it from abrasions and wears & tear. Moreover, its palms feature an anti-slip pattern that ensures a firm grip on the handlebars at all times.

The Airfence Gloves are designed for commuters who believe protection should always come first. IMPACT PROTECTION – 1.Knuckles: Moulded TPU protector 2.Scaphoid Bone: HD foam insert 3.Finger Joints: TPU tabs ABRASION PROTECTION – 1. Abrasion Resistant Chassis: Ultra long-lasting synthetic leather 2.Maximum Ventilation: Lightweight and sturdy mesh panels MORE FEATURES 1.Fit: Cuff length 2.Contact Zones: Reinforced panels increase durability 3.Zero Wear In Required.

Most gloves are either too long or have a bulky feel, which makes it uncomfortable to ride with.

SCIMITAR designed the Street Gloves for everyday riding, keeping them short and breathable. The glove is made of premium materials that will keep your hands comfortable throughout your ride.

With its lightweight design and easy on-off functionality, you can easily wear these gloves when riding around town or even at work. It’s a great choice for all types of riders!

Most of the time, you’re compromising between quality and protection when choosing your riding gear. SCIMITAR Stunt Short Cuff Gloves have both in one pair of gloves! These urban delight short cuff gloves are made from high-quality leather that will last longer than any other material while keeping your hands protected with their additional protective foam insert at the palm. They also feature an elastic wrist strap to keep them safely on your hands during those crazy bike stunts (or falls).

A great pair of urban delight short cuff gloves that is not only comfortable but also has the protection needed for everyday use!

RYO RG riding gloves Features:

  • Comfort and Air vented Lycra+leather.
  • Additional TPU & TPR protection for the back of wrist.
  • Reinforced thumb.
  • Padded palm for shock absorption.
  • Touch Sensitive material on forefinger for smart phones.
  • Extra TPR protection pieces on fingers.
  • TPR logo closure.

Note: Not suitable for riding in rains.

Axo Sport Gorilla Waterproof Riding Gloves

Axo Sport Gorilla Waterproof Riding Gloves with goat leather, double stitching and high visibility reflective printing at a mouthwatering price.

Scala Air Biker Gloves

The Scala Air gloves keep protection and style in focus with TPR knuckle protection with 100% polyester Air mesh.


If you are looking for a good pair of riding gloves for under 2000 rupees, then we hope that this article helped. These top 6 best riding gloves were all selected based on the following criteria: durability and protection from weather conditions like rain or cold, grip to avoid slipping off your bike handlebars, comfort so they don’t cause blisters or sores despite extended use time periods. Share with friends who might be interested in our list!

I hope you liked our collection of Top 6 Best Riding Gloves Under 2000.

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