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Here we have Top 5 Best Riding Jackets Under Rs.5000 in India

We all like to spend time outdoors, and for many of us, this includes biking. But it is important to be prepared with the right gear. When you are riding your bike in India, there are a lot of things that can go wrong! The heat from the sun can make everything unbearable, and if you don’t have a good bike jacket then you will start sweating profusely. This is why we created this listicle about the best jackets for bikers under 5000 rupees in India.

Things to remember while buying Riding Jackets in India under 5000

  • Buy a jacket that will keep you warm 
  • Make sure the jacket is waterproof and has a zip-out liner for warmer days 
  • Look for reflective strips to help drivers see you in low light conditions 
  • Choose a style with lots of pockets to store your gear 
  • Get one with an adjustable hem so it doesn’t ride up when you’re on the bike

Royal Enfield Streetwind

As the days get longer, ride through those extra miles comfortably. The Street wind riding jacket keeps you cool and protected to go a little further.

Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience. But riding for long hours can be uncomfortable, especially in the summer months when temperatures rise and the sun shines brighter than ever.

A standard motorcycle jacket will not protect you from the elements of nature like rain or wind. In fact, most jackets are made of leather that traps heat instead of releasing it which can make you feel even hotter under the blazing sun.

The Streetwind Riding Jacket is made with 100% Polyester to keep you cool in all weather conditions and provide protection against UV rays while riding your Royal Enfield bike throughout your daily commute or weekend adventures. The back shock-absorbent helps reduce vibration while driving and provides extra comfort on long rides; keeping you safe as well as comfortable during your journey!

Royal Enfield Streetwind V2

Streetwind v2 r jkt black (s) 38 cm. Royal Enfield is an Indian motorcycle manufacturing brand with the tag of “the oldest global motorcycle brand in continuous production” manufactured in factories in Chennai in India.

We all know that protecting your skin from the sun is important, but it’s also hard to find a jacket that doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a heavy lead vest.

Most protective jackets are made with stiff and thick fabrics which make them uncomfortable for everyday wear.

The Royal Enfield Streetwind V2 Riding Jacket has been designed keeping in mind comfort and style as well as protection against UV rays. Our lightweight mesh fabric is breathable and allows air to circulate freely through the jacket while you ride or walk around town. You can even remove the inner liner if you want an open-air experience on those warm summer days.

The Royal Enfield Streetwind V2 Riding Jacket comes with CE approved armour protectors at shoulders and elbows so you don’t have to compromise safety just because of fashion!


Rs. 5,000.00
The Scimitar Cosmo V2 is designed to keep you comfortable even in hectic city traffic. It is lightweight with maximum ventilation and offers solid protection with CE rated armours.

Riding your motorcycle in the city is a great way to enjoy the open road and get some exercise. Unfortunately, riding in traffic can be dangerous because of distracted drivers and other hazards.

You need to stay safe on your bike but this means wearing bulky gear that makes it hard for you to ride comfortably or even see out of at times.

The Scimitar Cosmo V2 solves all these problems with its lightweight design, excellent ventilation, protective armour and stylish look. This jacket gives you everything you need without sacrificing comfort or style. It’s perfect for commuting around town on your bike or just enjoying a leisurely ride around the countryside!

  • AeroMID® mesh fabric designed for maximum ventilation and abrasion resistance.
  • Heavy Duty Ballistic 600D & Dynatec™ fabric chassis.
  • Rugged yet comfortable for the user.
  • C.E. Certified elbows and shoulders.
  • Dual-density armour for the back for better impact protection.
  • Easily removable armour for jacket maintenance.
  • Retention system at elbows and waist for a comfortable overall fit.
  • 3M Scotchilte™ reflective material keeps the rider visible even in the lowest lighting conditions.
  • One Waterproof Internal Pocket for Mobile Phones and other electronic devices.
  • Two External Pockets for additional storage


The Scimitar Metro V2 Level 2 is an ideal jacket for the conscious city commuter. It fulfils your need for a stylish and practical everyday jacket without compromising on safety.

The Scimitar Metro V2 Level 2 is an ideal jacket for the conscious city commuter. It fulfills your need for a stylish and practical everyday jacket without compromising on safety.

The Scimitar Metro V2 Level 2 has been designed to provide you with maximum protection while maintaining its elegant, slim fit design that allows you to ride in style and comfort, no matter where you’re headed.
The most important part of any riding gear is how well it protects you from the elements; whether it’s rain or sun, cold or heat – we’ve got your back covered!
With both internal and external pockets, this jacket can carry everything you need while on the move including a detachable waterproof liner for those rainy days when commuting by bike becomes unavoidable.
It may not be bulletproof but our jackets are guaranteed to protect against wind chill so that even if it rains outside, at least you’ll stay dry inside! And as always there’s

  • Protection features -outer shell: Nylon air mesh, 80 percent of the outer shell surface is mesh, providing optimum airflow
  • Impact zones: 650D polyester for abrasion resistance at shoulders and elbows
  • Impact protection: CE approved protectors at shoulders and elbows
  • Back: Shock absorbent Eva foam back protector (can be upgraded to sastec CE level 2 back protector sold separately)
  • Increased visibility: 3m reflective panels at chest and back, laminated reflective panels on arms make the rider more visible in low light conditions
  • Ergonomic features-fit: Tour fit, regular, personalised fit: Adjustment tabs at biceps, forearms, cuffs and waist, 3 pockets: 2 side pockets, 1 internal pocket
  • More features: Cushioned comfort collar – prevents chafing of skin


I hope you liked the Best Riding Jackets under 5000 in India. Now that we’ve found some of the best jackets, it’s time to share this information with our fellow riders. Please tell your friends and family about what you learned from reading this article – maybe they will find a new jacket or accessory for themselves!

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